Absolute Direct 3D to 6D position sensing Micrometer precision

Absolute Direct 3D to 6D position sensing Micrometer precision

With Direct, Absolute Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Axis position sensing, PreciLabs' patented technology:


• is the first industrial, multi-dimensional encoder solution on the market,
• increases resolution and accuracy of absolute position sensing thanks to the direct, contactless approach and goes beyond the fundamental limits of todays 1D linear and rotary encoders,
• enables high speed up to 100kHz,
• and improves reliability, safety thanks to scalable redundancy of the patented 2D absolute codes,
• compensates static assembly tolerances and dynamic tolerances due to thermal and mechanical load variations in operational environment.

Nanometer precision absolute 2D position

Nanometer precision absolute 2D position

PreciLabs proprietary 2D absolute position encoding and real-time 2D absolute position decoding techniques (patent pending) enable the reading of the 2D absolute position of a 2D absolute code printed on a surface:


• High Precision (sub-nanometer)

• Very high position refreshment cycle (>100kHZ)

• Large sensor/scale travel speed (200m/s)

• Practically infinite scale dimension (>500e6 km2)

• Best in class error detection and correction

• Scale damage and/or contamination up to 50%

• Highest safety integrity level

• Compensation of static and dynamic tolerances

• Easy, low-cost printing and installation e.g. self-adhesive tapes in arbitrary lengths / segments

• Compact, low-cost, single-ASIC solutions

• Condition monitoring, early detection of failure

• Deformation sensing

• LASER marking reading on shiny steel surface (e.g. hydraulic piston rod)

• Can serve Multi-dimensional, 2-6D absolute position sensing