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We are unique within the encoder market by providing generic, multi-dimensional, absolute position sensing solutions. Our main product development PreciSen can do it all.


For you, as an encoder manufacturer or OEM, PreciSen offers a high-performance, one-fit-all solution, as a replacement to a large variety of existing, highly specialized encoder sensors.


We are here to help you, as a major and prominent player of the world encoder market, to develop your next generation competitive products by integrating our innovative encoder technology, featuring the most precise and contactless absolute position measurement that is currently available on the market.


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PreciMod and PreciSen are compact optical position sensing modules, providing the reading of the 2D position of a patterned surface. The encoding is absolute, with a patented pattern allowing both coverage of an exceedingly large area and tolerance to pattern degradation.



Integration of PreciMod or PreciSen in a system is facilitated by a versatile interface to power supply and host controllers. Furthermore, the firmware of the sensor as well as the optics and illumination can be tailored to meet specific customer expectations.

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Service integration

Precilabs can help to integrate Precilabs’s sensors into your product or even into the application of your product. Detailed description of system integration services are under Services menu point.

Research & development

If you want to exceed the current of limit of your encoder, such as scale speed, resolution, price, moreover if you want to exceed several of them which seem to be in conflict each other with current technology – PreciLabs can help you.


Our technology comes from outside of the state of the art technology of the encoder world, and as such is not subject of the currently existing encoder limits, see details in Know-how behind.


We are able to handle any two or three or any of the above challenges simply because the technology we use are not subject of the current technical limits of todays encoders!

Know-How behind

PreciLabs intellectual properties contain several patents, nevertheless: the essence of our know-how is presented in order to give a concise explanation of the excepcional properties of our product ranges. Brief presentation there are under the menu point Services.

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