PreciLabs mission is to help major, prominent players of the world encoder market to develop their next generation of competitive products by integrating PreciLabs innovative, generic, multi-dimensional encoder technology, featuring the most precise, and contactless absolute position measurement on the market.


Core team of PreciLabs

Peter Masa - PhD in electrical engineering, VLSI Neural Networks

Peter is the inventor of over 30 related patents and has 20 years of experience in innovative optical encoder development and technology transfer. He successfully managed more than 40 R&D projects and product developments at PreciLabs and CSEM. Peter is responsible for the professional project management, handling IPR issues, strategic planning, and cooperation partnership development.


Pascal Dorster - MSc. Electrical Engineering, MBA, University of Texas

Pascal can declare during his career over 15+ years of business development experience, 30 ASICS and modules industrialization, leading 500 people division at Texas Instruments (Market Development Team), Business Unit Management team at Cognex, and being the founder & CEO of SNAP Sensor, which was acquired in 2016. Pascal is an investor and provides assistance on business strategy.


Istvan Masa - MSc in Mech. Eng., Computer Science

Istvan has more than 30 years of experience and strong background in R&D, innovation, image processing, software & firmware development and private investment. Istvan is responsible for the completion of PreciSen development and for the coming product developments and system integrations of PreciLabs.


Leszek Lisowski - PhD in Mechatronics, Embedded Systems

Leszek has wide experience in R&D activities including space applications, design and implementation of mechatronic systems including test and final applications, and development of high performance experimental prototypes. During 2 years he has been the CEO of CSEM-UEA Innovation Centre. Leszek is responsible for mechatronics systems including test and final applications.


Edit Szepkuti - MSc in Math., Project Management Professional

Edit has more than 10 years of experience in Accounting, Process supervision and Project Management. Edit is responsible for the subcontractors, financial project management and administration, alongside with the company's operations and project finances.