Absolute Direct 3D to 6D position sensing Micrometer precision

With Direct, Absolute Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Axis position sensing, PreciLabs' patented technology:


• is the first industrial, multi-dimensional encoder solution on the market,
• increases resolution and accuracy of absolute position sensing thanks to the direct, contactless approach and goes beyond the fundamental limits of todays 1D linear and rotary encoders,
• enables high speed up to 100kHz,
• and improves reliability, safety thanks to scalable redundancy of the patented 2D absolute codes,
• compensates static assembly tolerances and dynamic tolerances due to thermal and mechanical load variations in operational environment.

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PreciLabs’ position sensing allows high-speed calculation of 2D absolute position up to 100 kHz with better than 0.01 um resolution and with sub-micrometer accuracy. The position sensing enables also multi dimensional measurements, e. g. 3D position of a light source by triangulation.


PreciLabs provides a new paradigm for the encoder and position sensing markets with its one-fit-all 2D to 6D direct absolute position sensing, offering higher performance alternative in the operational environment, new features at lower cost than indirect multiple 1D encoder measurement in existing systems.


PreciLabs' Advanced Position Sensors are offered as PreciLabs' branded products for system integrators or White Label product to sensor manufacturers. The modularity of the design offers different connectivity protocols and the option to design custom enclosure around the PreciLabs sensor module hardware. For higher volume application, PreciLabs provides a reference design based on PreciLabs' position sensing components and firmware.