PreciMod is a compact optical position sensing module providing the reading of the 2D position of a patterned surface. The encoding is absolute, with a patented pattern allowing both coverage of an exceedingly large area and tolerance to pattern degradation.


Integration of PreciMod in a system is facilitated by a versatile interface to power supply and host controllers. Furthermore, the firmware of the sensor as well as the optics and illumination can be tailored to meet specific customer expectations.

High speed

PreciMod can achieve both high rates of measurements and handle high speeds of pattern displacement. The former is achieved by high optimization of image sensing and decoding algorithms leading to an output of 1’200 samples/s. The latter is provided thanks to sharp and accurate control of the illumination, allowing pattern speed up to 200km/h.



PreciMod optics, illumination and connectors can be exchanged for customized solutions without having to redesign the core of the system.


Ease of integration

PreciMod withstands a wide range of power supply (3.6V to 30V). The various digital interfaces (SPI, BISS, CAN, …) are internally level-shifted from externally supplied voltage reference to allow operations from 3.3V to 5.5V, reducing the number of external components.


Module description

Precimod is a tubular housed optical sensor.


Technical Specifications

Diameter 28.0 mm
Length 27.0 mm
Digital [1]:SPI, USART (BIBISS configuration), CAN, UART (1.8V compatible only)
Analog: DAC (1.8V range)
Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage

30 V
Logic High1 Vext + 0.5 V
Logic High2 2.2 V
Logic Low -0.5 V
Operating Temperature -20 to 85 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to 120 °C

1 Buffered and Level Shifted I/Os

2 Un-buffered I/Os

Supply voltage 3.6 – 30 V
Supply current 100 - 500 mA
Field of view 5 - 10 cm
Pattern co-planarity1 +/- 10 °

Pattern orthogonality2

+/- 5 °